Present your family in French

This lesson is ideal for Y7 students wanting to revise their French at home as this is part of the curriculum and for people wanting to learn French as beginners.

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The objectives of the lesson are:

* to know family members in French

* to understand the use of possessive pronouns

* to be able to present your family

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The vocabulary is:

Learn the vocabulary in Quizlet here!

The possessive pronouns are:

It is important to distinguish that In French the possessive pronouns agree with the noun (either masculine or feminine, singular or plural), For example:

My slipper = Ma pantoufle (F), My coat = Mon manteau (M), My clothes = Mes vêtements (M), My boots = Mes bottes (F)

The useful connectives are:

Connectives are words used to link sentences or start a sentence.

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