New language corrector tool. Check French spelling for free!

How do I simply proof read my text in French, German, Italian and Spanish, and for free?

1. Go to Language Tutoring online 'check my French tool' homepage.

2. Type in your text in the box.

3. Select your language. Choose between French, German, Italian and Spanish and click on 'check text'

4. The spelling or grammatical errors are highlighted.

5. Click on each highlighted items, a list of possible correction is displayed.

6. Choose the one which corresponds to the meaning you want.

7. Repeat the operation as many times as needed.

8. Your text is now free of spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can copy and paste it back in your document.

This is a simple and free way to check your French if you need to write an essay or a piece of writing in French and need to proof read it. This language checker tool is useful if you are studying French for an exam, such as the GCSE exam and want to find easily any French spelling or grammatical mistakes. It can also be suited to business people who want to check a French speech or an email in French.

Happy language learning!

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