French for Business: Fields of work in French: les secteurs d'activité

In this lesson, part of French for Business course I run, we learn how to say for which company we work, what is our job and what sector we work in.

We ask the question:

Pour quelle entreprise travaillez-vous? For which company do you work?

Quelle est votre profession? What is your job?

We learn to say what our job is and what field we work in.

Dans quel secteur travaillez-vous? What is your field of work?

Talking about which sector you work in, certainly add some quality language to your presentation.

Here is a table representing the different industry in French where one might work:

Les différents secteurs d'activité

In the course you have a hot spot graphic, which simply shows you the French / English equivalent when you hover over it like so:

The aim is to make the learning experience interactive and more fun.

This is the whole concept of my French e-learning course: you learn French by yourself in a fun and interactive way. This method enables you to learn French where you want, when you want and at your own pace.

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So the different sectors are:

1. Electronics/electricity - L'électronique/ l'électricité

2. Farming - L'agriculture

3. Motor industry - L'automobile

4. Pharmaceutical industry - L'industrie pharmaceutique

5. Banking - La banque

6. Communication - La communication

7. IT/ Telecommunications - L'informatique/ les télécommunications

8. Construction/ construction materials: le BTP/ les matériaux de construction

9. Business services - Les services aux entreprises

10. Sales - Le commerce

11. Transport/ logistic - Le transport/ la logistique

Some of them are cognates!

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