Je parle français!

  • The GCSE course is a two year course made in one. It corresponds to Y10 + Y11

  • Y10 corresponds to the first year of GCSE studies and the themes include: Identity and Culture, Local area, holiday and travel

  • Y11 corresponds to the second year of GCSE studies and the themes include: Local area, holiday and travel, School, Future aspirations, study and work

  • The course develops the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing

  • Additional material are available specifically for the speaking exam preparation

  • It is an interactive course and the lessons consist of learning and practicing, although videos are used, this is more than an ordinary video-based language course

  • On top of the language lessons, you will get French cultural courses  such as film reviews, book excerpts, music extracts etc. 

  • On top of the course there is a discussion forum where you can ask any question you may have about the language or the course.

  • There is an additional service of one-to-one online lessons that can be booked online at a cost of £40/hour.

  • The course is available on a monthly subscription basis of 29.99 and it gives you access to all GCSE courses and materials.

Complete French GCSE Course (Y 10 and Y 11)

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